The Freedom TheatreFrihetsteatern i Jenin utsattes förra veckan för ett angrepp från den israeliska armén. Två av den svenskstödda teaterns medlemmar frihetsberövades av den israeliska armén. Idag fick deras advokat reda på att hon inte får träffa eller samtala med de fängslade. Armén har efter skadegörelsen på teatern och det omotiverade angreppet nyss gett förklaringen till frihetsberövandet "De har gripits för att de agerat mot säkerhet i regionen". 

Frihetsteatern drivs delvis av en svensk stiftelse och ett tjugotal svenska kulturarbetare har arbetat på teatern, däribland Suzanne Osten, Britt-Louise Tillbom, Jan Tiselius och Robert Lyons. En rad delegationer från Sverige inklusive Riksteatern har också besökt teatern. Svenska konsulatet har vid flera tillfällen besökt verksamheten som bland annat stöds av Sida och har samarbetat med en rad svenska teatrar. 

Suzanne Osten skriver att hon "starkt protesterar mot den brutala aktionen mot Frihetsteaterns anställda och medlemmar som fortfarande hålls i fängelse utan given orsak".

Press Release


From: The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestinian Territory

1 August, 2011

Theatre under occupation

Following Wednesday 27th July attack on The Freedom Theatre the two kidnapped persons, Adnan Naghnaghiye, head technician at the theatre and Bilal Saadi, chairperson of the association, were taken to the Jalame and Meggiddo high security prisons inside Israel. Their lawyer has been denied the right to talk to or visit either of them. The reason given by the Israeli army is that the detained persons have "acted against the security of the region". The israeli security service have extended the administrative detention (a procedure that is illegal according to international law) to 4 August. The lawyer is going to petition the supreme court.

Jonatan Stanczak, one of the co-founders of The Freedom Theatre responds to the claims: "The reason behind the arrest is absurd and Kafka like. Although theatre and culture can be percieved by some as subversive, this kind of general accusation is nothing but nonsense".

The army spokesperson has claimed that the Israeli army did not raid the theatre. Photo and film documentation confirms that the army raid resulted in the shattering of most of the windows of the theatre's multimedia centre and office building. Witnesses also report harassment and threats to several theatre employees.

"Raiding densely populated Palestinian civilian areas in the middle of the night to carry out wanton arrests is common practice for the Israeli army, it is only that this time it befell people related to The Freedom Theatre" says Jacob Gough at The Freedom Theatre.

The Freedom Theatre demands that the Israeli authority immediately provide access to lawyers for our kidnapped friends and colleagues, and that they be immediately released and given due compensation.

Until this happens The Freedom Theatre urges all the friends and supporters of the theatre to contact their local Israeli representative office as well as their own Government’s foreign office forwarding these demands.

For more information please contact:

Jacob Gough, acting General manager at +972 (0)595348391,  

Jonatan Stanczak, co-founder of The Freedom Theatre at: +46 (0)707908296

or the lawyer Smadar Ben-Natan at +972 (0) 523589775



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